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Egyptian Live Music and Belly Dance Festival
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Egyptian Live Music and Belly Dance Festival

Belly dance, perform,

study, relax and site see,

all with Live Egyptian Music and Master Teachers…

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Rakiya The Artist

Rakiya The Artist  Belgian Moroccan-Spanish origin, she offers a colorful dance by the multiple influences that mark their life trajectory. For her dance it represents a trip and reveals the creative tension and the foundation of a personal mythology in which the grace of ballet rub, the passion of flamenco, symbolic of contemporary dance, heritage Berber and other influences rummaged rhythms meetings. She learned Oriental dance with Yasmina of Cairo in Egypt. She created Arabesque dance school and Arabesque dance Company. She is now on tour for her new show “Way of life, way of body” a one woman show where she presents this critical problem of multiple identity, its genesis and development in a threatened identity politics and society divisions. “

Youtube channel : Rakiya The Artist Arabesque

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Egyptian Live Music and Belly Dance Festival