Ehab Gadalla

Ehab Gadalla began studying folkloric dance in 1973 with Yousry Hamdy, main solo dancer of the Reda Troup. In 1979 he created his own folkloric troupe with which he travelled abroad for 5 years. In 1985 he returned to Cairo and performed with his troupe in many 5 stars hotels, including, from 1989, a unique collaboration with star FIFI ABDOU which lasted seven years. During this period he created 13 tableaux for her in which he played the solo folkloric dancer, the most famous of which was the ‘shisha dance’, a piece that became one of the highlights and best-loved elements in her show. From 1985 he began to concentrate on Raqs Sharqi , studying with legendary choreographers Angelo, and Ibrahim Akef, trainers to the movie stars of the 1940’s and 50’s such as Naima Akef and Samia Gamal.

He became assistant to Raqia Hassan for 13 years. Gadalla was awarded recognition by the cultural ministry of Taiwan for taking a leading role in the establishing of an International Belly Dance Association in Taiwan. He has spent the past fifteen years traveling around the world giving master classes and workshops, including the USA, Germany, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Lebanon, Morocco, Argentina, Brazil, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Kazakhstan.

His teaching method is based on detailed explanation of technique for both solo and group work, with choreographies based on logic, varieties of steps, playfulness and artistic elements with a hint of original Egyptian deep feelings.



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