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Egyptian Live Music and Belly Dance Festival
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Egyptian Live Music and Belly Dance Festival

Belly dance, perform,

study, relax and site see,

all with Live Egyptian Music and Master Teachers…

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About US

Egyptian Live Music and Belly Dance Festival

Camp Negum is a unique dance festival in Cairo which places emphasis on working with live music. Many of the workshops are taught Camp it with musicians, and teachers explain how to take your dance to the next level with a live orchestra. In the evenings dancers have the chance to perform individually with the orchestra, putting what they have learned into practice.
The teachers are made up of both Egyptian stars and also foreign dancers who have extensive experience working with live music.
Other aspects of Egyptian music and dance, such as tabla technique, street shaabi, zaar and folkloric styles are also included.
At the end of the five days of workshops and performances, students will leave with a deeper understanding of the relationship between dance and live music.

Camp Negum provides a one-of-a-kind dance experience in that many of the classes and all of the performances are to live music!

Camp Negum is a noncompetitive event and an all-inclusive price makes it affordable to dancers. As well as master instruction and performances, CampNegum offers the opportunity to experience the culture of Egypt with performances by authentic, local folk groups and excursions to cultural sites.


Safaa Farid ( one of the most popular and respected performers in Egypt today ) 

created Camp Negum to foster respect for the music, musicians and traditions of Egyptian dance while allowing performers to gain a deeper understanding of Raqs Sharki and in the process to find their own voice and style.


Camp Negum Intensive will explore the many facets of Egyptian dance. From the Mergence to classic choreographies to Beledi and tabla improvisation, master teachers will give instruction and information to increase understanding of Egyptian dance and it’s place and history in Egyptian society. Camp Negum intensive will be held in a beautiful, Touristic Hotel a short ways from Cairo. Limited to 25 people, the workshops will be small and allow for personal attention. All participants will be able to perform with Orchestra Negum at 2 VIP parties.

Belly dance, perform, study, relax and sitesee, all with Live Egyptian Music and Master Egyptian Teachers….
The Camp Negum experience.

Featuring Master Teachers:

Aida Nour, Dandash, Kay Taylor, Yasmina of Cairo, Nasra Emam, Shams El Shemous, Aida Hassan,
Ashraf Kodak, Heba Farid, Rakiya The Artist, Houria Gauzelin

With Live Music by Orchestra Negum.

Topics to be covered in Camp Negum Intensive:

Mergence, Classic Song, Beledi Song, Oriental/Pharaonic, Beledi, Taxsim, Tabla Solo, Sagat,
Zaar ( trance and performance of ), Tanoura technique, Shaaby, Dancing to Live Music, History of Egyptian Dance

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Egyptian Live Music and Belly Dance Festival